Index page for collections from fossil sites.

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Butler Boulders is roadcut exposing the Early Eocene Bashi Formation near Butler, Alabama.  The website contains the fossils in my reference collection and additional unidentified specimens..

Bashi Fm, Butler, Alabama


Eagle Point is a sand pit exposing the Late Cretaceous Black Creek Formation and the Pliocene Duplin Formation.  It is located near Florence, South Carolina. The website is complete until my next collecting trip.

Duplin / Black Creek Fms, Florence, South Carolina


Hardie Mine is a kaolin pit near Gordon, Georgia that exposes the Late Eocene Clinchfield Formation..

Clinchfield Formation, Gordon, Georgia


Florida Fossils identified by Dr. Ed Petuch



PCS, Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, Beaufort County, North Carolina.  Chowan River and James City Formations invertebrate fauna.

Lee Creek Mine